magnetic sensing technologies

combined with a flexible management platform



Every item receives a unique mark;
It can use MagVision's patented MagID technology, but also visual(bar) codes or NFC.



Securely assign digital
information to the mark



Scan items to check stock,
authenticity or history


MagID is a patented technology that sits right between RFID and visual barcodes. MagID stands for Magnetic IDentity. It uses magnetic barcodes, which can be read through materials. They can be printed inside packaging, or under labels, or be printed over.


How to create

MagID codes can be printed using widely available non-toxic materials, so it is cost effective at scale and can be created anywhere. MagID codes do not include antennae or chips, so are environmentally sustainable, both at production and at end-of-life. MagID codes can be covered or embedded, therefore do not interfere with branding and are protected from dirt, cleaning, scratches. This also means that MagID codes will last many decades and remain readable!

How to manage

MagID codes can be used in our VaaS (Verification-as-a-Service) platform, see below.


A secure and flexible track&trace platform to manage your track&trace
functionalities, and keep track of items during their life cycle.


What is it

We offer a fully-serviced option, but also the possibility to manage it yourself. Every client can run their own applications, on their own servers, allowing full security and GDPR compliance. Upon scanning the data log is updated, which can be accessed anywhere in the supply chain, to know where an item came from, where it was destined and used for, etc.

Who for

Anybody. Whether you are an SME wanting to be able to trace your products in your markets, or a secure printer wanting to offer highly secure certificates, or a label manufacturer wanting to offer cost-effective covertly marked and traceable labels, our VaaS platform will make it easy for you.


We use marks that suit your products and industry. The platform is trigger-agnostic, so you can use optical codes, for example 1D or 2D barcodes; but you can also use RFID / NFC tags; or MagID codes. For anti-counterfeit measures a combination of marking technologies is far more secure. Contact us to discuss your challenges. Here
Part of the development of these technologies has been co-financed by the European Commission Directorate General for Research & Development, as part of the Horizon 2020 - research and innovation program, Fast Track to Innovation, under the Project ID: EIC FTI GA 870017