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MagID Shortlisted for Innovation Showcase at Packaging Industry Exhibition

29 November 2021
MagID, the patented marking and tracking technology from MagVision, has been selected as one of the top new innovations which will be on display at the Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging exhibition. Visitors to the event which takes place on 1-2 December 2021 at London’s Olympia can vote for their favourite innovation during the show and see MagID in action on stand D71. 

MagID provides a completely new way to mark and track packaging in an environmentally sustainable way.  Codes can be printed onto a product or label and covered up, or printed onto the inside or underside. Tagging and tracing refillable or reusable items such as cosmetics, food and drink or consumer goods is simple, making MagID suitable for high-volume products that do not require expensive RFID solutions.

MagID was shortlisted by the Packaging Innovations expert judging panel and goes forward to be one of the top innovations on display in the onsite showcase. Visitors will be able to see all the shortlisted products and vote for the winner over the two-day show. 

Packaging Innovations also features a supporting conference programme and Dr Nathalie Muller, MagVision’s Head of Innovation, will deliver a presentation in the Packaging Innovations Theatre at 12.30pm on Wednesday 1 December. 

In “Tag and Trace; the opportunities to add unique marks to refillable packaging and more,” this session will consider the different technologies to mark and trace items and how they can be used. Nathalie will be joined by Anna Pitt of SESI Food and Household Refill, who will share how the company has embarked on a journey to trace refillable packaging through its lifecycle. 

Register for Packaging Innovations here
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MagVision at Trustech Paris

26 November 2021
The MagVision team will be at Trustech 2021 in Paris where you can find us on the Buskro booth throughout the show! Come and see MagID in action and discover how this unique, patented technology can be used to covertly mark and track documents, ID cards, voting cards and much more.

Mark your calendars to see MagVision on booth 5.02, D05 at Trustech, the global event for payments, identification and security. The exhibition and conference takes place from 30th November to December 2nd, 2021 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles.

Register here.
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MagVision to introduce MagID Marking Solution at AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging

4 November 2021
New start-up MagVision will present MagID, the patented marking technology, at the AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging Congress (online) on Tuesday 16 November. 

MagVision’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller will lead a session entitled “Protect and track your brand with MagID,” at 3.50pm CET/2.50pm GMT. MagID is a new marking technology for brand packaging which sits between RFID and visual codes. Nathalie will show how covert, serialised codes can easily be applied to brand packaging, providing every item with a unique, hidden identity for tagging and tracing.

MagVision will also host a roundtable entitled: “Why would you mark & trace your products? The benefits and challenges,” at 12.40pm GMT/ 1.40pm CET. As interest in digital, connected packaging continues to rise, this roundtable discussion will consider the opportunities for marking packaging and labels. Marking is becoming more accessible and affordable and there are a number of different technologies available, but what are the barriers to implementation across the supply chain? 

MagVision has several complimentary tickets available for brand owners and packaging printers who would like to attend the AIPIA Digitalisation in Packaging Congress. Please contact for more details.

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MagID spins off as MagVision

22 September 2021
MagID, the new track&trace technology backed by Horizon 2020 funding from the European Commission, has spun off from Inspectron as an independent start-up. MagVision will formally launch at Identity Week 2021, opening this week at London Excel.

MagID, which sits between visual barcodes and RFID, and used barcodes printed in magnetic ink, has gained traction as an innovative technology which can play a key role in identification, authentication, track&trace and brand protection. The marks are covert and can uniquely identify secure documents, labels or packaging. In addition, MagID provides an environmentally sustainable alternative to RFID or NFC tags, in a very cost-effective way.

Since it was initially unveiled in 2020, MagID is being tested for different applications with several partners in the UK, Mexico and India. MagVision continues to seek funding to enhance the technology and develop new platforms. “MagVision is an exciting new venture that will bring covert, sustainable track&trace within reach of many,” said Dr Nathalie Muller, Head of Innovation, MagVision.

Visitors to Identity Week can find out more MagID and VerasID by visiting stand 148 during the exhibition.
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Intergraf Currency+Identity Online

23 March 2021
Inspectron is exhibiting at Intergraf Currency+Identity Online, taking place from 24-March 2021. We invite visitors to connect with us during the conference to discover more about MagID and how it can be used for secure document authentication. MagID can read hidden barcodes and is a cost-effective, alternative solution for identification, authentication and track&trace. Watch our presentation in the Innovation Track to find out more about the unique, patented MagID marking technology.
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Inspectron’s marking and tracking technology featured in the fight against plastic waste

11 March 2021
Inspectron will introduce MagID, its new marking and tracking technology to help fight plastic waste, at the Global Research and Innovation in Plastics Sustainability (GRIPS) conference. This international conference, which takes place from 16-18 March 2021, is the first of a bi-annual event which will celebrate the achievements in plastics sustainability and aims to drive it forward.

Inspectron’s Head of Innovation, Nathalie Muller will join over 100 speakers on the programme. Nathalie will deliver a presentation in the “Smart Technologies: Tracking, Marking and AI” track on Thursday 18 March at 2pm. She will share how MagID can be used to add barcodes to labels or packaging, which can be covered up, but remain readable. MagID is not only a cost-effective alternative to NFC technology, but also has much less environmental impact. Nathalie will focus on the growing interest around reusable and refillable packaging and how MagID can help measure and manage the impact on plastic waste.

Global Research and Innovation in Plastic Sustainability 2021 will boast keynote talks from leading academics and industry specialists who will share the latest thinking, research and technologies in plastics sustainability. The conference will bring together over 1000 delegates from across all industries.

The Inspectron team will be available at the virtual exhibition which takes place alongside the conference. Registration is free. To book your place click here.
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Inspectron Marks Ten Years at SDW 2020

16 November 2020
For the tenth year running, Inspectron will exhibit at SDW 2020, a world-class event that helps governments and commercial organisations with a multitude of identity and security solutions. As the leading, preferred supplier for European Central Bank quality marking and tracking solutions, Inspectron has a long history of supporting the event.

Due to Covid-19, SDW 2020 will be held online between 16-18 November. Inspectron will showcase its suite of solutions for the security and identification market, including:

  • Currency Paper Tracking System – enabling every sheet of paper in the factory to be accounted for
  • Factory Marking and Tracking Production System – empowering the digital transformation to Industry 4.0
  • Audit Solutions – to verify and reconcile the production stages of identity documents
  • Intelligent Camera Solutions – for ID cards and passport production inspection

MagID, the revolutionary new technology developed by Inspectron which can overtly or covertly mark documents or ID cards, will be featured in the Technology Showcase. Visitors to the event are encouraged to register for the sessions in advance to prepare a schedule.

Visitors to Identity Week can apply for a VIP Guest pass giving full access to all conference sessions, networking and virtual exhibition.
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What’s the future for connected packaging?

8 October 2020
The Active & Intelligent & Packaging Association (AIPIA) recently held its annual Smart Packaging Congress and Exhibition, which was delivered online due to the pandemic. From connected packaging for logistical and safety reasons, to promoting consumer engagement, the event featured 60 presentations and case studies covering the latest innovations and demonstrations of intelligent and active packaging.

The event also saw a number of launches including MagID from Inspectron, patented marking technology which offers a completely new way to mark products overtly or covertly. MagID enables magnetic ink codes to be printed on or inside packaging or labels and be read without direct line-of-sight. Track&Trace is an obvious application for MagID as it will provide brands with a simple, low-cost way to authenticate items, and defend against counterfeits or market diversion.

There are multiple technologies which can be used for smart packaging. RFID, NFC and various optical codes have been around for some time. In his conference keynote session, Raghu Das from IDTechEx, forecast that almost 21 billion packages sold in 2030 will feature an electronic feature to enhance the package. However, the high unit cost has constrained the take up of RFID tags by smaller brands and retailers.

A lot of different information can be packed into a code – encrypt it, sign it and make it GS1-compliant but this is not new. Many exhibitors and speakers at the AIPIA Congress offered the ability to add a unique ID in various forms on packaging and to keep track of the scans and data for the customer. There were multiple solutions based on the premise that consumers will scan products. One of the panel discussions mentioned that Eleven million households are expected to scan a QR code in the US this year. This seems rather low, given the size of the US population and the amount of QR codes already in existence.

Whatever the chosen technology or solution a brand might employ to add codes, the fact remains that consumer engagement with packaging has not become a mass-market habit. Consumers, especially outside East Asia, still rarely scan items with their phones. Well-crafted marketing campaigns with the promise of an exciting pay-off supported by big advertising budgets stand the best chance of a consumer engaging with the brand. However, SMEs do not have the luxury of big budgets to generate consumer awareness and action. No one has managed to get consumers scanning enthusiastically and this fundamental issue was not addressed during the AIPIA Congress.

Fitting digital into packaging presents multiple opportunities for brands to gather data across the various elements of the supply chain. Following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation in 2018, there is a mind-field of GDPR issues to be aware of regarding data collection, ownership and storage. Surprisingly this did not feature in the AIPIA conference content. On Inspectrons Track&Trace system customers applications and data will be kept independent of other customers, with the customer being the controller of their own data. The platform is self-service (to keep costs low) and customers will be able to create their own applications if they wish.

The application of High-Density barcodes is an innovation which stood out. High Density barcodes can reliably carry large amounts of information – for example pictures in a form that can be digitally signed, providing information that cannot be forged which can be checked in a reader without a web connection. Using the same technology with tiny printing can carry useful digital information in a dot too small to notice, although requiring a microscope to read.

Blockchain technology was referenced was discussed in relation to how it could work in the packaging supply chain. It would also suit the security document world by enhancing the data integrity and tracking capabilities for each document.

Connected packaging has a lot to compete with. Persuading consumers to scan codes and tags seems a long way off and the technology companies need brands to use their technology to facilitate this. In Inspectrons view, the business-to-business use of connected packaging for Track&Trace and counterfeit protection offers a real opportunity to make a difference. Given the low price-point of the MagID marking technology, which makes it attractive and scaleable for SMEs, this new solution was enthusiastically received by the AIPIA community.

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Inspectron to unveil MagID track&trace solution at AIPIA Smart Packaging

7 September 2020
London: Inspectron will launch MagID, a patented marking technology at the AIPIA Smart Packaging exhibition, providing advanced brand protection abilities for brands of any size, by enabling magnetic ink codes to be printed on or inside packaging.

The innovation is a result of Inspectrons 40-year heritage in developing document identity and verification features for global financial institutions, governments and brands, combined with state-of-the art magnetic sensor technology.

Using MagID technology, high-volume covert markings can be applied on the inside of packaging or under labels. By scanning an item with a MagID reader, brand owners can gain real-time data on a products progress through the supply chain and authenticate items. Dubbed “chip-less NFC”, but at a fraction of the cost, MagID is an affordable track&trace solution for SMEs looking for brand protection and will help combat the issue of counterfeit or grey market products.

Benefits of MagID:

  • Environmentally friendly codes
  • Self-serve, cloud-based platform fully flexible for different markets or requirements
  • Low-cost to implement – attractive to SMEs needing brand protection
  • Fully secure all data is owned and controlled by brand owner.

Inspectron is seeking brand owners and supply-chain partners to take part in MagID pilot testing projects. Dr Nathalie Muller, Head of Innovation, Inspectron will be presenting MagID technology  at the AIPIA Smart Packaging conference at 12.45pm BST on 10 September 2020.

About the development:
MagID technology development is supported by the European Commission Directorate General for Research&Development under the Horizon 2020 program, Project ID: EIC FTI GA 870017 Find out more.
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MagID featured in Packaging Today

6 April 2020
We are featuring in Packaging Today, see the story here. As the counterfeit goods market continues to grow, track and trace solutions are becoming increasingly important. Nathalie Muller, programme manager at Inspectron, explains how an invisible magnetic barcode might help secure the supply chain and, therefore, the quality and reliability of goods. Learn More
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Inspectron will be back to exhibit at Security Document World 2020

12 November 2019
You will be able to find Inspectron exhibiting at this year’s Security Document World SDW 2020 on 09th 11th June 2020 at The ExCeL London, One Western Gtwy, London E16 1XL.
Attracting a highly qualified audience from almost 80 countries including government delegations from more than 30 countries

In 2020, SDW will power forward with a two-day exhibition, as well as having a host of new attractions, making it even more valuable to exhibitors, sponsors and attendees.
SDW - 2020
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Inspectron will be on the Buskro booth at Trustech 2019

12 November 2019
You will be able to find Inspectron on the Buskro booth at Trustech 26–28 November 2019, at Palais des festivals – Cannes, French riviera, France.
TRUSTECH is the annual meeting place for professionals of the Cards and Digital Trust technologies industries, attracting visitors from across the globe.
Trustech Cannes
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