Tracing outside and
inside your production facilities

to protect your reputation, or to protect the planet

brand protection

Brand Protection

Fake and diverted products are a huge and growing problem. MagVision is continuously innovating to find ways to safeguard products from loss in the supply chain or being faked. MagID provides an environmentally sustainable alternative for RFID or NFC tags, offering covert marks that uniquely identify items, yet at a fraction of the cost of traditional tags. We can also help you if you want to use visual barcodes, or RFID or NFC tags.

circular economy

Circular Economy

Waste is a tremendous problem, from single use packaging to fast fashion. Items end up in the environment many times faster than we are clearing them up. Industries are reviewing their practices, because increased consumer awareness is demanding manufacturers take greater responsibilities. Governments have already started to impose stricter rules on amounts of recycled content and are sharpening up the Extended Producer Responsibilities. This will require manufacturers to get a better understanding where their products or packaging end up and in future to proof how much of it is being reused or recycled. This means that items need to be marked uniquely in a sustainable and cost-effective way, such that new, circular designs for processes and life cycles can be measured and adapted where needed. MagVision are actively involved in designing track&trace systems for circular plastic packaging as well as clothing.


Production tracking & warehouse

If you need to know where items are in your production facilities they need to be uniquely identifiable. Barcodes are a great way to do this, but production lines and warehouses can become cluttered with visual codes of various types. Your scanners won't know whether they are looking for the right codes, or simply can't find them. MagID can be covered up by other codes, yet remain readable without interference.

circular economy

Secure Documents

MagID is an ideal solution to identify documents inside sealed envelopes, without the need for windows. It can also be used as a hard-wired pin inside secure cards (bank, membership, key cards), but cannot be read or copied from a distance (unlike NFC security).